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Uncovering insights from data to better understand resident needs, optimizing operations and improving response times are primary differentiators for property management success.

Evercondo Analytics Engine

Evercondo's Residents Portal captures daily operational activities and funnels them into the Evercondo Analytics Engine. This in turn enables you to measure, analyze, improve and control your entire portfolio of condo management operations.

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Know where you stand and how well your managers are performing. Track all the key performance indicators, KPIs that matter to the health of your entire property management business.

  • Do you measure the performance or KPI's of your properties?
  • Is a property making you money?
  • Which property is the most demanding?
  • What is the workload of each manager?
  • How effective are your managers?


Improvements take action. Identify weaknesses in your current property management operations and know which actions to take and see real tangible results.



Sustain the gains. Monitor the improvements to ensure continued and sustainable success. A control plan allows you to update business processes and training records as required.

  • Detailed reports automated and delivered
  • Automatic overdue alerts to ensure control
  • Filter by all or zoom into specific building

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